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Our final film in this Roeg retrospective is his most overlooked and also ironically now considered one of his greatest. The true story of a man richer than Getty, stranger than Hughes… Roeg’s ‘Citizen Kane’ perhaps?

‘Eureka’ was barely released at the time of its making and overlooked by critics. Now, three decades later, it returns to reclaim a place among both the front ranks of Roeg's work and as one of the most extraordinary studio films of the 1980s.

Twenty years after uncovering an unimaginable bounty of gold in the Klondike, prospector Jack McCann, now settled in the Caribbean, finds both his wealth and soul at stake amongst a sinister web of nefarious influences, spiritual malaise and criminal elements. He found his fortune... but at what cost?

A saga of almost cosmic proportions, headlined by an exceptional cast including Gene Hackman, Rutger Hauer, Theresa Russell, Mickey Rourke, Joe Pesci and Joe Spinell, ‘Eureka’ is as powerfully acted, formally audacious, thematically layered and emotionally complex as any of Roeg's work.

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