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Ermanno Olmi 1931-2018
A very young college graduate attempts to obtain a position with a large corporation.

‘Il Posto’ (1961) was Ermanno Olmi's first major work and its achievement was immediately heralded by a prize at the Venice Film Festival. Drawing influences from neorealism as well as a background making industrial short documentaries, Olmi created a heightened approach to depicting reality. A miniaturist devoted to the small and seemingly innocuous moments of a man's life, Olmi's intimate vision would subsequently influence many directors.

In this subtle gem, Domenico (Sandro Panseri) coming from a provincial family, arrives in Milan in search of a job. After undergoing a series of absurd physical and psychological tests, he is given the position of a lowly clerk in a corporate firm. The pressures and working hours completely take over his private life, becoming lonely as a result of the changes and filled with anxiety over his future. A film as enjoyable as it is admirable. (Subtitles)