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This film is not currently scheduled to screen at New Park.

UK Premiere:
A moving film about memories which distress us, and do not allow us to accept reality. About children's visualizations, associated with deep life traumas and what they can lead to.

Diyor who is eleven years old, lives in a little town with his mother. Life has lost it's meaning for him, and since his father's death, he has nightmares most of the time. He is just not able to go back to normal life. When lost in the woods one day, he meets his dead father, and the past once again overwhelms him.

The director Ruben Sogomonyan is an aspiring independent film director of Armenian origin from St. Petersburg, Russia. Cast: Diyor Abdurakhmanov, Kirill Fastov and Alexander Kolesnichenko.

We are happy to welcome Director Ruben Sogomonian - all the way from Russia - to introduce his film.