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Festival Archive

A Timeline of the Chichester International Film Festival

The Chichester International Film Festival has grown over 30 years to become one of the most ambitious Film Festivals in terms of programming in the country. With Retrospectives and Tributes to some of the leading figures of our wonderful art form, honoured Film Makers who have paid the Festival a visit, and of course the countless Premieres and Previews of films from around the globe, some lucky enough to have been garnered the Audience Award for Best Film, which was introduced in 1999.

There has always been a strong musical theme running through the years, and below we include the Live Music Events that have graced our Festival. The first Open Air screenings took place at Chichester Cathedral’s front lawn in 2008 (moving to Priory Park in 2010), and in 2009 the Festival introduced the ‘Surprise Film’, of which two have won the Audience Award.

We hope this archive will serve both to document the history of ‘our’ Film Festival, as well as to remind us of the wonderful moments the Festival has given us over the past years.


The Festival launches;
Alec Guinness and Kathleen Turner visits;
Audience Awards introduced.

Christine Edzard (As You Like It)


Michael Relph (Saraband for Dead Lovers)
The Gas Giants (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)

Richard Attenborough (7 Film Retrospective)


Michael Relph (Smallest Show on Earth)
Censorship Debate (Margaret Ford, Brian Baxter)

Mike Leigh (9 Films)


Neil Brand (Blackmail – Silent Version)

Ken Loach (9 Films)
Early British Hitchcock 1930-38 (8 Films)


Alec Guinness (Intro – Il Postino)

Stephen Frears (8 Films)
H.G. Wells Centenary (3 Films + Talk)
Musical Portraits (1st) Tony Palmer (7 Films)

Events with Live Music
Archive Eve with Neil Brand
Blackmail (Silent) with Andrew Youdell
The Last Laugh with Gas Giants


Kathleen Turner (War of the Roses)
Neil Brand (Archive Programme)
Julian Richards (Darklands)

David Puttman (6 Films)
Foreign Oscar Winners 1988-96 (8 Films)


John Schlesinger (Filmed Interview)
Simon Callow (Scarlet Tunic)
Simon Relph (Producer Land Girls)
Keith Baxter (Chimes at Midnight)
Tony Palmer (Parsifal – And Most Years Following)
Derek Malcolm (Censorship)

John Schlesinger (9 Films + Interview)
Invitation to the Dance (4 Films)
Censorship Debate


Greta Scacchi (Red Violin, Tom’s Midnight Garden)
Ian Bannen (Waking Ted)
John Madden (Shakespeare in Love)
Phil Davies (Hold Back the Night – Director)
Andrew Eaton (Wonderland – Producer)

Hitchcock & Charles Laughton Centenaries (+ 2 Talks)
Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare on Film (4 Films)
Michael Caine/Mike Hodges Retro (3 Films)
Musical Portraits (2nd) Tony Palmer (3 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Run Lola Run


Mike Leigh, Michael Winner & Ronald Harwood Visits;
Open Air Screenings begin at Chichester Cathedral;
First Surprise Film.

Mike Leigh (3 Films)
Mike Figgis (Miss Julie)
Jennifer & Gree Gossman (Tao of Steve – Co-Directors)

Catherine Deneuve (8 Films)
Luis Bunuel Centenary (7 Films + Talk)
New Chinese Cinema (5 Films + Talk)
Musical Encounters (8 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Billy Elliot


Terence Davies (House of Mirth & Retro)
Michael Winner (Chorus of Disapproval & 5 Films)
John Madden (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin)
Jan Harlan & Tony Palmer (Kubrick Retro)

Terence Davis (7 Films + Interview)
Stanley Kubrick (9 Films + 2 Talks)
Michael Winner Day (5 Films + Interview)
1st Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on Tour (6 Films)
1st Late Night Extreme Cinema (7 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Amelie from Montmartre


Don Boyd (My Kingdom)
Nick Moran (Christie Malory’s Own Double Entry)
Alex Cox (Revenger’s Tragedy)

Akira Kurosawa (6 Films + Talk)
Claude Chabrol (8 Films +Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Mrs Caldicott’s Cabbage War


Bertrand Tavernier (8 Films + Talk)
Anthony Minghella Day (3 Films) & Ripley’s Talents (4 Films + Talk)
New Asian Cinema (12 Films + Talk)
Visconti Weekend (4 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Calendar Girls


Kerry Fox (Angel at My Table & Intimacy)
Hamish McAlpine (Censorship / Tartan Films)

Daniel Auteuil (12 Films + Talk)
Alan Bennett (9 Films + Talk)
1st Focus on the Documentary (7 Films)
Meet the Censor Debate (3 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Best of Youth


David McKenzie (Asylum)
David Warner (Suitable Case for Treatment)

Maggie Smith (11 Films +Talk)
Andrei Tarkovsky (7 Films +Talk)
New African Cinema (7 Films)
South Bank Show Celebrates British Cinema 4progs

Audience Award Winner
March of the Penguins


West Wittering Affair (Cast and Crew)

Judi Dench (12 Films + Talk)
Eric Rohmer (6 Films + Talk)
Harold Pinter (7 Films + Talk)
Carol Reed Centenary (2 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Kekexili Mountain Patrol


Ronald Harwood (The Dresser & Retro)
Billy Eltringham (Mrs Radcliffe’s Revolution – Writer)

Isabelle Huppert (10 Films + Talk)
Ronald Harwood (6 Films + Interview)
Branagh & Olivier’s Shakespeare (9 Films + Talk)
Ken Russell on TV (5 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Day Watch


Mark Harman (Boy in the Striped Pyjama’s)
Ken Trodd, Pat O’Connor (Month in the Country)
Stephen Poliakoff – Writer, Peter Duffel – Director (Caught on a Train)
Corin Redgrave (Stars Look Down)
Julian Richards (Summer Scars)
Matt Lidsey (Caught In the Act)
Meneka Das (Little Box Of Sweets)

Ken Trodd (18 Films + Panel Discussion)
Michael Redgrave (7 Films + Talk)
Vanessa Redgrave (7 Films + Talk)
David Lean Early Films 1942-55 (7 + Talk)
1st Open Air Screening: High Society

Audience Award Winner
Conversations with my Gardener


David Hare (Licking Hitler & Retro)
Ken Russell (Gothic & Miranda Richardson Tribute)
Bernard Rose (Kreutzer Sonata)
Kurt Unger & Billy King (She Who Would Be Pope)
Jan Dunn (The Calling)
Peter Duffel (England Made Me)
Derek Malcolm (Discussion)

David Hare (10 Films & Q&A)
Meryl Streep (12 Films + Talk)
Jacques Tati (7 Films)
Natasha Richardson Tribute (5 Films + Ken Russell)
Outside In On Film with Pallant House Gallery (5 Films)

Audience Award Winner

Surprise Film
Julie and Julia

Open Air Screening
Oklahoma (Chi. Cathedral)


Virginia McKenna, Derek Jacobi, Daniel Brühl, Carl Davis, John Lithgow, Steve Coogan & Ralph Fiennes visits;
First Drive-In screening;
Audience Awards expanded;
First Gothic film with live musical accompaniment at St John's Chapel;
New Venues.

Billy King (Made in Dagenham – Writer)
Nick Moran (The Kid & Telstar)
Gordon Roddick (In the Land of the Free & BrightWide)

Joseph Strick Tribute 1923-2010 (4 Films)
Colin Firth Retro (10 Films + Talk)
Akira Kurosawa Centenary 1910-98 (5 Films +Talk)
Viva Mexico & Surrealist Cinema (9 Films + Talk)
BrightWide Docs / Gordon Roddick (4 Films)
Filming East Festival (Chinese) (5 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
The Secret in Their Eyes

Surprise Film
Certified Certificate

Open Air Screening
My Fair Lady (Chi. Cathedral)


Michael Winner (One Man Show)
Brock Van Den Bogarde & John Coldstream (Dirk Bogarde Tribute)
Robert Marshall (The Avengers)
David Hare (The Browning Version-Intro)
Laura Mulvey (Frida and Tina)

Terence Rattigan Tribute 1911-77 (14 Films + Talk)
Claude Chabrol Tribute1930-2010 (8 Films)
Frida & Diego/Pallant House Gallery (7 Films)
Mahler & Film Centenary 1860-1911 (7 Films + Talk)
Dirk Bogarde Tribute (4 Films + Talk)
Ian McKellen in Chichester (4 Films)
Peter Postlethwaite Tribute 1946-2011 (5 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
The Help

Surprise Film
Jane Eyre

Open Air Screenings
Carmen (ROH)
West Side Story


Derek Jacobi (Love is the Devil & Retro)
Sarah Miles (Term of Trial)
Lisl Russell (Tribute to Ken Russell)
Virginia McKenna (Lewis Gilbert – Retro)

Lawrence Olivier & Chichester Theatre (+ Talk)
Sarah Miles & Olivier (4 Films)
Derek Jacobi in Chichester (6 Films)
Theo Angelopoulos Tribute (6 Films + Talk)
Ken Russell Tribute by Lissie Russell (3 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Untouchable (Surprise Film)

Surprise Film

Open Air Screenings
Guys and Dolls


Kevin Brownlow (It Happened Here)
Marcus Markov (Papadopoulos and Sons)
Tony Britten (In Love with Alma Cogan)
Tristan Lorraine (Shady Lady)
Robert Mullen (Letters to Sofia and Gitel)

Kristin Scott Thomas (8 Films + Talk and Discussion)
Charlotte Rampling (9 Films + Talk)
Francois Ozon (8 Films + Talk)
6 Wine Films to Savour
Live Jazz & Film: Bobby Wellins
Chichester Festival Connections (4 Films +Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Any Day Now

Surprise Film
Blue Jasmine

Open Air Screenings
The Great Escape


Andrew Eaton (Michael Winterbottom-Retro)
Daniel Brühl (Rush)
Hannes Schule (Lauda)
Asli Bayram (Shanghai Gypsy)
Tony Palmer (Dvorak in Love)
Michael Cowan (Night Train to Lisbon & Lauda)
Andrew Sinclair (Under Milkwood)
Alistair Audsley & David Armstrong (Watchmaker’s Apprentice)
David Shiel – Director (David Jones)

Michael Winterbottom/Andrew Eaton (9 Films + Talk)
Dylan Thomas Centenary (3 Films)
East Meets West (20 Films)
Live Jazz & Film: Stan Tracey / Bobby Wellins

Audience Award Winner
Pride (Surprise Film)
Halima’s Path (East Meets West Audience Award)

Surprise Film

Open Air Screenings
Oh What a Lovely War (Postponed due to Rain)
Some Like It Hot


Ralph Fiennes, Natalia Ivanova & Vera Glagoleva (Two Women)
Carl Davis (On Chaplin)
John Lithgow (Love Is Strange)
Martha Fiennes (Onegin)
Sylvia Collier (Tasting My Future)
Robert Mullen (We Will Sing)
John Woolf (Park Lane Group & William Alwyn)

Julianne Moore (7 Films + Talk)
Orson Welles Centenary (10 Films)
Czech Cinema / New Wave (12 Films + Talk)
Polish Cinema / New Wave (7 Films)
New Russian Cinema (12 Films + Talk)
William Alwyn Film Music / Live Music (10 +Talk)
Live Jazz & Film Latin American / Chico & Rita

Audience Award Winner
We Shall Sing (Low Budget Independent Audience Award)

Surprise Film
The Irrational Man

Open Air Screenings
Inside Out
Sound of Music


2016 (25th Anniversary)
Elaine Paige & Kevin Short (Speed Love)
George Galloway (The Killing$ of Tony Blair)
Derek Malcolm (Truly, Madly, Deeply)
Tony Britten, Christian McBride (ChickLit)
Tony Palmer (The Beatles and WW2)
Carl Davis (Chaplin, Lloyd & Keaton)
Paul Forest, Andrew Martin, Edmund Kingsley (Capsule)
Jim Gillespie (Take Down)
Rea Mole (Hide & Seek)
Emily Harris (Love is Thicker than Water)
Simon Dixon, Gareth Coulam-Evans (Tiger Raid)

Iranian Cinema (13 Films + Talk)
Chinese Cinema (14 Films + Talk)
Alan Rickman (7 Films + Talk)
Ingrid Bergman (3 Films)
Andrei Tarkovsky (7 Films + Talk)
Focus on the Refugee (3 Films)
World of Animation (5 Films)
Audience Award Winners (8 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Insyriated (Premieres/Previews)
Maudie (New Releases)
An Inconvenient Sequel (Documentaries)
The Shepherd (Indies)

Surprise Film
Café Society

Open Air Screenings
Calamity Jane
Finding Dory

Drive-In Screening

Live Music & Film
Bobby Wellins Quintet (Tribute to Tubby Hayes)
John Sweeney (Laugh Along with Laurel and Hardy)
Ben Hall (Faust)
Buster Birch (Buster Plays Buster)


Mick Csaky (Retrospective of his films)
Anwen Hurt (John Hurt Tribute – That Good Night)
Phil Grabsky (David Hockneyat the Royal Academy)
Shubashish Bhutiani (Hotel Salvation)
Michael Rosel (Dolores)
Stephen Cookson (Stanley: A Man of Variety)
Erik Stein (Blue Velvet Revisited)
Brian Ashby (Interlude in Prague)
Gareth Jones, Fiona Howe (Delerium)
John Sanders, Anna Mottram (A Change in the Weather)
Alex Child, Ananta Ishaya (A Mindful Choice)

Tilda Swinton (8 Films + Talk)
Andrzey Wajda (3 Films + Talk)
Mick Csaky (9 Films + Talk)
New Romanian Cinema (6 Films + Talk)
John Hurt Tribute (9 Films + Talk)
Centenary of the Russian Revolution (5 Films + Talk)
Serial Boxes (2 Films)
David Lynch (5 Films)

Audience Award Winner
Insyriated (Premieres/Previews)
Maudie (New Releases)
An Inconvenient Sequel (Documentaries)
The Shepherd (Indies)

Open Air Screenings
Cars 3
Dirty Dancing

Live Music & Film
Claire Martin & Friends (Bobby Wellins Tribute)
Buster Birch (Steamboat Bill Jr)
John Sweeney (October 1917)
Stephen Horne (The Lodger)


Steve Coogan, Andrew Eaton (Ideal Home)
Canon Dr Anthony Cane (Monty Python’s Life of Brian)
David Wood (If…)
Tupaq Felber (Tides)
Robbie Moffatt (Oh My God)
Sophie Gospill (The Receptionist)
Dom Lenoir (Winter Ridge)
Charles Garrad (Waiting for You)
David Wilkinson (Postcards from the 48%)
Hugh Stoddart (To the Lighthouse)

Daniel Day-Lewis (7 Films + Talk)
Virginia Woolf (4 Films + Talk)
Ingmar Bergman (9 Films + Talk)
Steve Coogan (8 Films)
Nordic Noir (9 Films + Talk)
Agnes Varda (4 Films + Talk)
Bernstein in Chichester (5 Films + 2 Talks)

Audience Award Winner
The Children Act (Premieres/Previews)
Leonard Bernstein Conducting West Side Story (Documentaries)
West Side Story (Classics)
Steel Country (Indies)

Surprise Film
Cease Fire

Open Air Screenings
Incredibles 2
The Greatest Showman

Live Music & Film
Ben Hall (Vampyr)
Georgia Mancio (Ella, Dizzy & Monk)


Michael Radford (Il Postino)
Maria Peters, Christanne de Bruijn, Dave Schram (The Conductor)
Robert Mullen, Adam Paul Harvey, Caitlin Innes Edwards (This Weekend Will Change Your Life)
Tony Palmer (I, Berlioz)
Phil Grabsky (Leonardo, The Works)
Paul Anton Smith (Have You Seen My Movie)
Mark Banks, Ele Berrie, Daniel Lane (Pictures of Lily)
Jeremy Marre (Count Bassie)

Canada Now (6 Films)
Albert Finney (8 Films + talk)
Hirokazu Kore-eda (5 Films + talk)
Re-discovering Women Directors (15 Films)
Michael Radford (7 Films)
Graphic Novel to Screen (4 Films)
Bernardo Bertolucci (6 Films + talk)
One Film Tributes (7 Films)
Nichola Roeg (6 Films + talk)

Audience Award Winner
Never Look Away (Premieres/Previews)
Meeting Gorbachev (Documentaries)
Il Postino (Retros/Classics)
The Last Inhabitant (Indies)

Surprise Film
Light of my Life

Open Air Screenings
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Lion King
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Live Music & Film
Vimala Rowe (Annie Ross – No One But Me)
Stephen Horne (The Cat and The Canary)


With the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the normal Festival was cancelled in 2020 - but in it's place, a successful season of Drive-In Screenings in association with the Chichester Festival Theatre. 2021 saw a scaled down Film Festival, and from 2022, we were back to our pre-Covid levels.

2020 (Covid-19)
Drive In Screenings
Some Like it Hot
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Singin’ in the Rain
The Greatest Showman


Timothy Spall (The Last Bus – Actor)
Phyllis Logan (The Last Bus – Actor)
Gillies MacKinnon (The Last Bus – Director)
Tony Palmer (Towards the Unknown Region – Director)
Neil Monaghan (Election Night – Director/Writer)
Tony Klinger (Sisters – Producer)

Federico Fellini Centenary (10 Films + Talk)
Black Directors Matter (5 Films + Talk)
Christopher Nolan Retrospective (7 Films +Talk)
DisAbility Strand (8 Films)
All That Jazz (7 Films inc. 2 Live Gigs)
Dirk Bogarde Centenary (3 Films + Talk)
Bertrand Tavernier Tribute 1941-2021 (5 Films + Talk)
Malcolm Arnold Centenary (2 Films)

Audience Award Winner
The Collini Case

Surprise Film
The Collini Case

Open Air Screening
South Pacific
In The Heights
Space Jam: A New Legacy

Live Music & Film
John Sweeney – Piano (The Golem)
Spike Wells & Trio (A Love Supreme)
Balcon Manouche Duo (Django)


Derek Malcolm (Film Critic)
Phil Grabsky (Mary Cassatt – Producer)
Matt Jones (Silver Spitfire – Protagonist)
Andrew Eaton (Munich: Edge of War – Producer)
Jane Mote (My Bones Are Woven – Featured Artist)
Tony Palmer (Vangelis & O Thou Transcendent – Director)
Richard Dee-Williams (The Reverend and Mrs Simpson – Director)
Tony Palmer (Vangelis & O Thou Transcendent – Director)
Rebecca Pearson (Blackbird – Location Manager)

Olivia Colman Retrospective (10 Films + Talk)
Andrew Eaton Presents (3 Films inc Q&As))
Alain Resnais Centenary 1922-2014 (3 Films +Talk)
Homage to Ukranian Cinema (10 Films + Talk)
Made in Sussex (7 Films + Talk)
David Gulpilil Remembered 1953-2021 (6 Films + 1 Talk)
Peter Bogdanovich Remembered 1939-2022 (7 Films + Talk)
Monica Vitti Remembered 1931-2022 (1 Film)
Jean-Paul Belmondo Remembered 1933-2021 (6 Films + Talk)
Ennio Morricone Remembered 1928-2020 (2 Films)
Ralph Vaughan Williams Anniversary (3 Films)
Pier Paolo Pasolini Centenary (7 Films + Talk)

Audience Award Winner
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

Surprise Film
Rabiye Kurnaz Vs George W Bush

Open Air Screening
West Side Story

Live Music & Film
Ben Hall – Organ (Nosferatu)
Andrew Cleyndert Jazz Quintet (Charles Mingus)
Stephen Horne – Piano, Flute & Accordion (Earth)


2023 – Roger Gibson’s final year as Artistic Director
Hugh Bonneville Retrospective (Actor)

Hugh Bonneville Retrospective (x Films)

Audience Award Winner
Last Dance

Surprise Film
A Chef for Dali

Open Air Screening
Asteroid City
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (cancelled due to weather)

Live Music & Film
Ben Hall – Organ (Phantom of the Opera)
Andrew Cleyndert Jazz Quintet (Ronnie Scott)
John Sweeney – Piano (The Italian Straw Hat)
Buster Plays Buster – Jazz Quartet (Steamboat Bill Jr)
Neil Brand – Piano (Laurel & Hardy)


2024 – Walter Francisco steps in as Head of Programming

Drive-In 2020

OK -
Not everyone was happy that our normal 2020 Festival was cancelled, and that they had to go to the Drive-In.