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It is appropriate that we conclude this historical survey of International Women Directors with Agnes Varda’s last film.

This inspirational and affecting documentary, the great visual storyteller Agnès Varda shares her observations on cinema, art and life. Still making films at 90 years old, she completed Varda by Agnès earlier this year and it premiered Out of Competition at the Berlin Film Festival in February this year. Sadly it became her final work as she passed away on 29 March, but it is also a joyous celebration of a life in film, This multi-award-winning and iconic filmmaker takes the audience on a journey through her remarkable life and career in her characteristically open and contemplative yet playful way.

Supporting Women Filmmakers

Recordings of public appearances and conversations with her collaborators are weaved in with film clips and gallery installation footage as we’re guided through her rich and varied work and hear her reflections on her creative process and her talents as a photographer, filmmaker and installation artist.(subtitles)